4 Hands Duo Massage London

Try our very special four hands erotic massage in London.

Four hands erotic massage is a full body massage that’s double your pleasure.

Not only one but two talented sensual massage therapists will smooth, rub and slide their hands all over your body from head to toe, not a single part of your body will feel neglected.

If you’ve been feeling stressed lately a four hands massage can really help you unwind.

Four hands is a form of traditional erotic massage that’s been used to tease out tension, stress and pleasure from men and women for thousands of years.

It’s an authentic and delightful way to forget your troubles and boost your well-being.


What happens in a four hands massage?

Four hands sensual massage describes the technical attributes of this classic and indulgent massage. 

However, it doesn’t describe the sensation of feeling two experienced erotic therapists stroke and slide their hands across every single area of your skin.

As the sensations are so exquisite and numerous your mind will struggle to focus on the strokes and it will drift into a state of pleasure.

We work in tandem mirroring each other’s strokes. I will massage your right inner thigh, while my girlfriend will massage your left.
— Maria, therapist

They will work up and down your body paired in a sensual rhythm with delicate teasing strokes to relieve your anxieties and tension.

It feels so good you won’t want your four hands massage to end...

Two gorgeous ladies massaging you intimately is beyond heavenly.

After you’ve been stroked, teased and built up into the ultimate level of anticipation your body will explode in complete joy.  

Can you handle being massage by two lovely females?

Can you handle being massage by two lovely females?

Why Every Man and Woman Should Experience Four Hands Massage...

When four erotic hands are synchronised and working in harmony for your sole pleasure the physical sensations are relaxing, sensual and exciting whether you are male or female.

Any aches and pains or muscle tensions you have are eased away by us.

It’s one of the best ways to de-stress and recharge your mental batteries.

You’ll be free from stress and worry your body will be able to relax completely, forget its anxieties and focus purely on feeling the bliss.

Everyone needs this feeling for good physical and mental health. When you have a stressful life, four hands massage can help you manage the problems and tensions you face each day by strengthening your mind and spirit.

Four hands erotic massage also promotes physical healing by boosting blood flow and circulation to your body and skin which releases toxins and leaves you with a healthy glow.  

Anyone with body image issues, anxiety about sensual touch, or those who are curious about their sexual response may find four hands massage gives them the opportunity to explore their sexuality.

This session will enable them to feel sensations they may struggle to experience in a pressured situation or relationship.

A four hands erotic massage is designed for your pleasure and comfort, there’s no pressure or obligation – just relax, feel the sensations and let your body respond.