Female Self Pleasuring - How To...

8 Ways Women Can Erotically Massage Yourself (Men should read this too)

If you can't wait until your next sensual massage then why not learn to massage yourself.

There’s no right way to enjoy self pleasure because every woman is different.

The only rule is, if it feels good then lie back, relax and enjoy those mind, body and spiritual sensations.  

Here are 8 self pleasuring tips that make the word a better place.

1. Stimulate your mind

Before you stimulate your body, stimulate your mind.

Getting in the mood for self love means you’ll enjoy the whole process of pleasuring yourself.

Lock the door and close the curtains, then enjoy a warmth bath, erotic story, stimulating music, treat foods, dancing, or candles.

This preparation time can be just as pleasurable as the erotic physical sensations you’ll feel later on.

2. Massage Yourself

Unless you’re in a rush, or you’ve really gone to town on the fantasising, take your time to explore and tease your body.

Tantric massage is an all-encompassing experience that explores every inch of skin.

Smooth your hands all over your body to discover new sensations and don’t hold back – no-one is watching.

3. Use Massage Oils

You can massage yourself with good quality oil on your palms.

Smooth it up your arms, around your neck and shoulders then squeeze and release your muscles, smooth them out, stretch your neck and continue rubbing in the oil.

Move onto your feet next and take your time to massage every toe. Move up your legs until your whole body is glowing.

4. Intimate Massage

mutual pleasuring.jpg

When you feel the time is right move onto your intimate areas, but don’t rush it.

Start with your buttocks, inner thighs and outer lips.

A specific lubricant may work better than massage oil here. Massage in gentle circles or use strokes at the pressure you enjoy.

5. Clitoral Stimulation

Stimulating your clitoris will lead to the most amazing orgasms. If you don’t know how good this is yet, keep trying.

Some women find a circular motion is stimulating whereas others find this direct touch too intense.

Try rubbing or squeezing the sides of your clitoral hood instead of jumping directly on board.

Finding out what you enjoy the most is one of the best parts of self love.

6. Good Vibrations

A vibrator can really help if you’re struggling to orgasm, they often have several settings so you can find one to suit.

If you’re embarrassed then buy one online – the bigger companies ship them out in plain packaging so no-one is any the wiser.

A vibrator can help ease knots and tension from your shoulders too –it’s a good investment!

7. Find Your G-Spot

Penetration isn’t always necessary for self pleasure or orgasm, but if you’re feeling it then explore your desires and stimulate your G-spot for extra amazing sensations.

The orgasms produced by G-spot stimulation can be intense.

Find yours by inserting a finger or sex toy and rubbing two to three inches on the outer wall.

It may take practice but once you find it the feeling is orgasmic.

8. Just let yourself go

You’ve made sure your room is private so there’s no risk of interruption and there’s no pressure to orgasm, so take your time and see what happens.

Self massage is a way of expressing your desires and enjoying pleasure whenever you want it.

You can’t beat a pampering, self love session to soothe your mind, body and soul.

If you can find time to treat yourself you’ll feel so much better and able to face the world with revived spirit.