Pleasure The Male G-Spot For The Best Orgasm of Your Life.

As men, we get sexual pleasure through the penis. But it’s not the only way to climax.

In fact, there’s a much more intense orgasm than the penile type. Have you heard of the male G-spot?

It’s more commonly called the prostate, and when this area is massage together with the anus it can give a long-lasting, multiple orgasms.



The prostate is a small, walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and the penis. It is responsible for producing a fluid that is part of semen and protects the sperm. It is found just a few inches inside the rectum.



When you massage the prostate, you feel intense sexual pleasure in and around the penis. It’s so intense that you can orgasm without even becoming erect.

And, once you've ejaculated, you can continue to orgasm, similar to the way that women have multiple orgasms.



1. Clean up

Before you massage the prostate, you'll want to clean up. You can do this by douching – a process of squeezing water into the rectum, holding, and then releasing it.

2. Use lube

Putting anything into the rectum hurts. However, if you use lubrication, the pain is minimal.

3. Use your fingers

Cover your fingers with lube and massage the anus. Slowly insert one finger and reach until you find the prostate. You can get your girlfriend or wife to do this for you, if she’s comfortable with it.

4. Use a toy

Alternatively, you can use a prostate stimulation – a “toy” made to slip comfortably into your butt and find the prostate. You can us vibrators which increase the pleasure of the prostate massage.