How Massage Helps A Low Libido

If you having trouble getting in the mood for love making, or even talking to someone you fancy, then we suggest having a sensual massage.


Low sex drive plagues both men and women. Occasional libido dips are normal for everyone.

For many people sexual desire naturally fluctuates over the years. The highs and lows in libido usually coincide with major life changes.

People who find they have little or no interest at all could benefit from the therapeutic sensual touch of erotic massage to help them de-stress and get out of their sexual rut.



  • Desire for sex and intimacy is based on a combination of complex issues.
  • Physical issues that can contribute to low sex drive may include fatigue, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, or coronary artery disease.
  • Emotional and mental health issues can have a huge impact on sexual desire.
  • Many prescription medications are notorious libido killers.
  • Current relationship issues like poor sexual communication and infidelity can cause diminished interest in sex.
  • Hormone imbalance that is caused by pregnancy and breastfeeding, or the menopause, can affect women’s sex drive.

So how can you boost your libido?

Let us tell you...

Stress is the underlying factor that affects most of the common causes of low libido.

When you’re super stressed, sex and pleasure end up at the bottom of your priority list.

By minimising stress you can begin to focus on getting your sex drive back.

Regular soothing massage treatments can enhance relaxation which in turn helps reduce stress.

When sensual massage is combined with deep breathing exercises, physical exercise and meditation practice stress is greatly reduced, and libido is naturally increased.


We recommend the following 5 massage sessions to help get that libido pumping again...

Slippery Nuru Massage

Tantric Massage

Prostate Massage

Soapy Massage

Regular Body to Body Massage