Our London Dark Tantra Massage

An introduction to Dark Tantra

Tantra is an age-old practice performed and perfected by Eastern cultures. Tantra means ‘’to weave together’; it is about slowing things down and worshipping your partner and yourself.

During a tantric massage you submit entirely to your partner, who will lavish attention on every part of your body, leaving you in a state of arousal and anticipation.

A dark tantra massage takes things a step further. Dark tantra, or sacred BDSM, is an intense mix of tantra and BDSM: a heady mix of forbidden pleasure and sensual pleasure; yin and yang.

Much of our sexuality is repressed and ignored, dark tantra aims to open doors and set our sexuality free.

What happens during a dark tantra session?

A dark tantra session will involve an erotic tantric massage that leads into ‘darkness’ of whatever form you and your partner have agreed beforehand: light bondage, slapping, spanking or whipping, sensory deprivation and so on.

The slow sensual massage that you have just enjoyed will ensure that you are relaxed and submissive, ready to try new experiences and explore your limits.


A dark tantra massage is an intense exploration of the darker side of pleasure.

You will be taken from the your real world into a state of total relaxation, before taking you to a place where you can lose your inhibitions and enjoy sexual freedom and expression away from the ‘norm’.

This and the trust you place in your partner will leave you feeling exhilarated and fulfilled.