Female Arousal Secrets Every Man Should Know

No matter how confident you think you are about knowing your way around a woman’s body, unless you know her arousal secrets you won’t be able to completely bliss her out.

Don’t expect a woman’s body to send out blatant signals that give you clues about what to do next. Her responses and triggers are subtle. Being aware of the physiological changes that she’s experiencing can help you please her.



To turn up the heat and passion it’s a good idea to give her carnal compliments. A woman likes to be reassured, and told how hot she looks and how amazing her body feels.

Give her the feedback that she craves and pay plenty of genuine compliments.



A woman’s nipples are super sensitive, and nipple stimulation is essential and crucial to her pleasure. For some women, playful nipple teasing sparks arousal.

Other women experience intensified pleasure via the nerve endings in the nipples. Use a combination of stimulation techniques to get her excited.

Stroking, gentle pinching, rubbing, nibbling, licking and sucking provide pleasurable sensations that will blow her mind.



Aside from the obvious erogenous zones every woman has one secret hot spot. This special erotic pleasure zone requires expert exploration.

Tracing your finger slowly all over her body may offer up a clue to where you can find the trigger to the sexual circuit that awakens her deepest desire.

Use your imagination to increase her stimulation and arousal. It’s worth remembering that the longer she waits for you to make your discovery, the deeper her orgasmic pleasure will be.