Female 2 Female Massage In London

A sensual massage for women who just want to relax.

Female to female massage is the tantric art of a woman massaging another woman’s body.

This type of touch not only relieves stress, unwinds your muscle tension and feels heavenly. 

It can also open your mind to sensual pleasure you may not have experienced before.


What is it Female To Female Massage?

This type of massage is designed to help women experience tantric pleasure and awaken their bodies with slow, sensual massage techniques.

It ignites the senses, promotes closeness and leaves you with a warm glow of satisfaction.

Women who are curious about their sexuality, and those who prefer the lighter and more delicate touch of another woman, can try female to female massage in our comfortable and safe environment.


What Happens in a Female to Female Massage?

Our female massage therapists appreciate the differences between men and women bodies on an intimate level.

They understand women may prefer a lighter more sensual touch and that they have thinner delicate skin.

Understanding this difference is what makes a female to female massage so pleasurable.

Some women prefer not to be touched by a man.

Some women feel safer, less inhibited and more relaxed with a female massage therapist. We know this and that’s why our female to female massage is so popular.

Your massage will begin with talking and gentle strokes before smoothing out the tension in your muscles.

The massage will leave your whole body feeling fully relaxed and satisfied without any pressure or expectations.

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Why Every Woman should try a Sensual Massage

Women’s sexuality is complicated but those who feel they might prefer the touch of another female can experiment during a female to female massage without fear of embarrassment or inhibition.

It can take time to figure out what makes your body tick, but this type of massage can help you understand your preferences.

Traditional encounters with a partner can leave you feeling dissatisfied or confused and past trauma can leave you feeling cold. 

A no pressure female on female tantric massage will make you feel good and help you discover how to get in touch with your sexual body and mind.

It can boost your sex life too as you discover what makes you feel good and how to get there.

Tantric massage is about experiencing extreme sensual pleasure of the body and mind, which is impossible if you feel stressed or uncomfortable with a male therapist.

Our female therapists are adept at putting you at ease whether it’s your first female to female massage or you’ve come back for more.

People who are open to new experiences often discover something incredible. 

So if you’ve only ever had a male massage therapist a massage from another female may blow your mind.


In conclusion...

Female on female massage is a safe and sensual way for women to take tantric pleasure.

It’s a full physical, mental and emotional experience that makes you feel centred, connected and peaceful unlocking your body to experience sensations you didn’t know were possible.