Foot Fetish Massage In London

A foot fetish massage is the ultimate treat for a foot fetishist, someone who is aroused by the sight or feel of feet.

Or for someone who wants to try something new.

3 reasons to give foot massage a go...


1. Fulfil your foot fantasies

If you like feet then obviously an erotic foot massage is definitely something that you need to try.

Most masseuses are more than happy to take special requests on board, so if you have a preference for naked toes over stocking feet, or painted nails over nude ones, ask your masseuse.


2. A foot in the door

If you have never had an erotic massage before a foot massage is a good place to start.

A foot massage is flirty and fun, breaking down barriers leaving you free to explore other forms of massage in the future.


3. Tingling toes

An erotic foot massage is stimulating for you and your masseuse, so if you want to give something back, a foot massage is for you.

Our hard working feet contain 14000 nerve endings, so they are incredibly sensitive.

There are a number of erogenous zones on the feet: the hollow under the ankle, the soles and the bottoms of big toes.