The Health Benefits of Erotic Massage

Putting yourself in the hands of an experienced masseuse is a real treat, and it can also be good for you.  

If you need further convincing to book a session here are some of the benefits of erotic massage.



We ‘store’ physical tension in our muscles, especially around the neck and shoulders. When our muscles are tense it can cause us physical discomfort or pain.  During a massage your masseuse will apply pressure to all of the muscles in your body, working out all of that tension.

Massage also boosts circulation to the skin, improving skin tone and colour.



Massage is relaxing, and this can help reduce our stress levels, leaving us feeling happier and calmer- more able to face the world. Massage has even been shown to reduce blood pressure.

The thought of having a massage may not seem relaxing at first and having someone intimately explore your body may seem daunting, but massage can actually increase body confidence.



A massage is a sensuous treatment for the whole body; it pays attention to the main erogenous zones, and the ones that often get overlooked.

And massages take time, building up anticipation and leading to greater fulfilment.

People have been using massage to relieve tension and knead away their aches and pains for a thousands of years. Massage is an age-old therapy – and a treat.

Putting yourself under the hands of an experienced masseuse is not just a treat; it’s good for you!