Techniques To Master

Massage is a natural remedy with a wealth of benefits. Touch promotes a sense of pleasure and well-being that is beneficial to the mind, body and spirit.

Whether you enjoy the sensuous strokes of erotic massage, or exotic full body contact Nuru massage, it’s always useful to know your way around a few simple massage techniques.



Shiatsu is the basic massage technique used in Japan, and is the therapeutic modality that is most often used to rub out knots in the upper back and shoulders. The techniques are easy to learn, and mostly involve applying steady, gentle pressure in a rotation movement.



Compression is direct pressure that is applied to one specific area of the body. This technique is usually used prior to a deeper massage, as it is good for warming up the area and improving blood flow.



Gentle movements that continue along a portion of the body generally involve stroking. The fingers are placed together, with thumbs parallel and palms in full contact with the body.



Effleurage is the name given to the long slow strokes that can be used across the entire body. These strokes are great for spreading massage oil and for warming up the muscles, before beginning a sensual erotic massage.



The kneading technique is perfect for connecting with fleshy areas of the body, and for getting deep into the muscle. The technique is a little like kneading dough, and involves grasping and lifting the tissue.



This advanced technique rarely requires the use of massage oils. The focused friction stroke is suitable for small areas like the hands and feet.