Enjoy Mutual Massage In London

If you enjoy giving just as much as receiving then a mutual massage is the perfect way to spend a few hours.  

What is a Mutual Massage?

Mutual massage is an erotic tantric experience during which you are able to massage your masseuse.

It’s a sensual way to learn about women’s bodies and build a bond of trust, but that’s not all because mutual massage boosts your physical and mental health too.

It’s a relaxing, stress-free pleasure that reduces anxieties and stimulates blood flow throughout the body. 

No wonder mutual massage is such a popular therapy with men and women. 

What Happens During A Mutual Massage?

During a mutual massage you receive an erotic, sexy message and then give one in return – or vice versa. 

Giving and receiving creates a balance of trust and enjoyment with your masseuse which can lead to further pleasures along your tantric path. 

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Why You Should Enjoy A Mutual Massage

Mutual massage can have a positive effect on your relationships. 

Women enjoy massage, and learning how to touch and tease a lady means you’ll be able to erotically massage your lover into bliss.

Mutual massage can re-ignite the spark in relationships because it’s about teasing, touching and thoughtfulness rather than immediate sexual pleasure.

It’s also a great way to enjoy touch if you’re having problems such as premature ejaculation or erection difficulties because it teaches control, there’s no pressure to perform and no resulting stress – just blissful touch and enjoyment. 


Massage Therapists Enjoy It Too

You might think the pleasure is all yours when you slide your hands all over a beautiful naked lady. 

However, massage therapists enjoy mutual massage too, not only because they enjoy a soothing massage, but because she’ll be able to pass on her knowledge to an eager learner. 

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How To Erotically Massage A Woman

Often men wish they had a lover willing to share the secrets of a woman’s body, but in the hands of an experienced masseuse there’s no guesswork involved.

Pay attention so future lovers can appreciate your skillful techniques (and of course, tell their friends - look out for nudges and knowing glances).

A therapist will teach you how to give pleasure during a mutual massage, but here are a few pointers before you begin.

Top Tips for massaging a woman

  • Cold hands are a big no

Feeling cold hands on a warm intimate body area is a horrible experience.

  • Don’t grab her breasts

Massage is best enjoyed with a gradual build up to more extreme pleasures.

Begin by massaging her shoulders and upper back, before working your way down to her feet.

Once she’s relaxed you can move onto more imitate areas such as her breasts and inner thighs.

  • Be gentle

Mauling her body like a lion bring down a gazelle in the Serengeti won’t impress.

  • Set the scene

Corny it may seem, but a warm clean room with plenty of pillows, candles and fluffy towels means a lot to a woman – it helps stimulate her mind as well as her body.

Mutual massage in London is a two-way experience that both of you can enjoy.

She’ll soothe your cares away with gentle touch and you can relish the sensations of touching a woman all over.

What you can learn from this experience will boost your sex life no end.