How To Give Your Girlfriend Perfect Oral

3 Ecstatic Oral Techniques You Should Use To Drive her Wild

Many women find it easier to climax through oral, but do you know how to get her there?

Here are 3 ways to give your girlfriend perfect oral sex...



The first technique is simple; you don’t need to learn any swirling or special flicking techniques because a steady licking rhythm up and down her clitoris will lead to climax if you don’t stop.

Keeping a steady rhythm is important because too much chopping and changing is a distraction.

Some women like direct contact on their clitoris but for others this is too stimulating - if this is the case lick a constant circle around her clitoris instead.   



Sucking her clitoris is a sure fire path to orgasm but be gentle with the pressure because she won’t want a love bite down there.

A steady rhythm is essential so count 1, 2, 3 and repeat in your head.

You can be more forceful with your sucking as she approaches climax but be guided by her signals.

If she grabs your hair you’re onto a good thing. Other encouraging signs are moaning, back-arching or even silence as she concentrates on her orgasm.



Some women enjoy fingering with oral so try gently sliding your fingers inside her with plenty of lube. Gently curve your fingers to stimulate her G-spot and lick or suck her clitoris rhythmically at the same time.

If you can’t coordinate both then stick with the oral because her clitoris is the priority particularly as she approaches climax.

The key to giving your girlfriend the best oral is reacting to her positive response by continuing at the same speed and pressure.

Forget anything you’ve seen in ‘adult films’ in terms of slapping or harsh rubbing –if you want to give your girlfriend the best oral sex persistence and consistency using the three techniques above will get her there every time.