Acupressure Points For Intensified Erotic Pleasure

Throughout the centuries many ancient cultures discovered hundreds of erotic techniques for stimulating sexual energy.

Chinese Sexology is an integral part of Chinese culture, and teaches how to use acupressure to promote radiant health and vitality, and to strengthen fertility and increase sexual potency.



The gentle stimulation of acupressure points can heighten the pleasure and ecstasy during erotic massage and lovemaking. To awaken sexual energy lovers simply stimulate the sensitive acupressure point on the bottom of the feet during intimacy.

Gently pressing on an acupressure point releases muscular tension and stimulates energy and blood flow. As blood circulation improves, nutrients are able to nourish the entire body.

This simple technique can also boost sensuality and sexual responsiveness.



At the base of the ball of the foot, in the centre of the foot, there is an acupressure point known as the ‘bubbling spring’. Stimulating this acupressure point during oral pleasure can greatly intensify the erotic experience.



The recipient should lie back, with legs apart and knees bent. The giver kneels down between the recipient’s parted legs.

• Place the palms of your hands on the outsides of your partner’s feet.

• Place your thumbs on the ‘bubbling spring’ acupressure point. This is in the middle of the foot, at the base of the ball, between the pads. You will know you’ve hit the right spot when you find it!

• Press down on the acupressure point, as you lower your head to the genitals to deliver pleasure.