Tantric Massage In Shoreditch

A great place to come for an sensual massage incall.

Shoreditch is situated in the East End of London.

It’s an historic borough that’s home to both sprawling old vintage shops and new dot com companies that are fast creating the East London tech city.


The History of Shoreditch

The name Shoreditch may originate from several sources. Some historians believe it refers to Soersditch or ‘Sewer ditch’ as the boggy area was previously known, whereas others claim it refers to Jane Shore, Edward IV’s mistress who was reported to have been buried in a ditch there.

Either way Shoreditch dates from Roman times. It was originally a village on the Roman northern road and in the 17th century. Huguenot silk weavers established a thriving textile industry there.

By the 19th century Shoreditch was known for its poverty and destitution and during the Second World War it was devastated by the blitz.  

These days its home to the second wave of dot com companies who have moved into the cheaper offices bringing with them the investment that’s made Shoreditch a great place to shop, entertain and relax.


Landmarks in Shoreditch

Shoreditch is well known for the rhyme ‘Oranges and lemons’ its own line being ‘When I grow rich, say the bells of Shoreditch’. These bells refer to the Shoreditch church which still stands.

Shoreditch is also well known for its ever-changing street art which adds to its young vibrant character.

The Columbia Road flower market is famous for its bustling street attitude, bargains and banter; it’s worth a visit if you’re looking for an old London street scene.


Shopping and Eating in Shoreditch

The area made up by Old Street, Great Eastern Street and Shoreditch High Street contains an enormous array of eating places and shopping experiences.

Be prepared for plenty of indie labels and quirky gift shops such as This Shop Rocks which sells antiques in a ramshackle but brilliant fashion. Rummaging around here is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

Perched on the border of Shoreditch is Old Spitalfields Market, a well-established market place selling an array of goods with plenty of east end character and bargains.

Eating in Shoreditch is a pleasure. It caters for the well-heeled, try restaurants such as Blanchette and Boundary, and hipster cafes such as Albion and the vegan CookDaily.

Shoreditch is a place to find new and exciting eateries as they establish themselves in this up and coming area.


Shoreditch Nightlife

Shoreditch nightlife is much like its shops and cafes – eclectic and exciting.

The Queen of Hoxton’s rooftop terrace is famous for its impressive views and basement bar while the Old Blue Last and Rough Trade next to the Truman Brewery car park host alternative music nights.

All walks of life enjoy the relaxed Shoreditch mix of tastes and you’re certain to find something you enjoy here.

Transport Links in Shoreditch

Shoreditch tube station closed in 2006 but it’s so close to Old Street Tube that it’s not a problem.

It also has the Shoreditch High Street rail station which makes travelling across London or from further afield simple.

There are plenty of buses here too including the night routes that take you across the main roads intersecting Shoreditch’s high streets.

It can be tricky to find a parking space in Shoreditch, but you might get lucky and grab a spot in Shoreditch High Street.

Other nearby car parks include Great Eastern Street and Clere Street if you’re early or prepared to wait.

Walking around Shoreditch is a fun way to pass time and most areas are within easy walking distance, but during evenings or wet weather cabs are available from the train station.