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The History of South Kensington

South Kensington is part of the Royal Borough of Kensington ad Chelsea situated in the centre of London.

It’s full of breath-taking architecture, mansions and tourist attractions, but until 1851 it was an area of land used to grow crops for London.

Prince Albert changed that with his Great Exhibition, buying up the area with Exhibition profits for the public good, but he didn’t live to see what would happen to his purchase.

In the 1860s mansions and grand streets were constructed and South Kensington as we know it today began to emerge from its humble beginnings.

Along the way Bruce Roberts plotted the great train robbery in the Anglesey Arms on Selwood Terrace and John George Haigh murdered and dissolved his first acid bath victim on the Gloucester Road.

In later years Princess Diana lived here and during the wars the Luftwaffe used the Albert memorial as a target for their bombs.


Landmarks in South Kensington

South Kensington is a tourist hotspot, so you can be sure to blend in with the crowd.

The Natural History Museum and the Royal Albert Hall are situated here, along with the Science Museum and Imperial College London.

A lot of students live in this area making it a melting pot of all nationalities and tastes in a sophisticated beautiful environment.

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Shopping and Eating in South Kensington

There are plenty of cafes and shops in South Kensington but the main shopping areas are just across the Kings Road in Chelsea.

It’s only a ten minute walk at most because South Kensington is a compact area. Sloane Street is a few minutes further on, and Harrods a short stroll.

If shopping and eating isn’t for you then Hyde Park is free and open to everyone. The Princess Diana Memorial Fountain is here, and you can take boat out on the Serpentine.

Whole days can be spent in Hyde Park if the weather allows it. In the evening Hyde Park often has music and public speakers for entertainment.


South Kensington Nightlife

Try the Anglesey Arms for some train-robbing history with your pint or drink trendy cocktails in the Gore Hotel.

If you fancy rubbing shoulders with the celebrities wander over to the Kings Road and see who you can spot.

Thrill seekers can try to find Bart’s Bar which is a small cellar on Sloane Avenue guarded by a doorman who peers through a door flap to decide if you are a suitable customer.

South Kensington Transport Links

South Kensington is served by Gloucester Road and South Kensington tubes on the Piccadilly, District and Circle lines.

It’s also well served by London buses from all over the town and black cabs are frequently passing so there’s no fear of getting stuck.

South Kensington is a small area of London and once there by tube you can easily walk wherever you’re heading.

However, if you want to bring your car try looking for a space in the Harrington Road or Imperial College parks.