Tie and Tease Massage In London

If you are curious to explore your naughty side, trying something a little more exciting and kinky is likely to be what you require.

A sensual tie and tease massage takes your pleasure to another level and satisfies your wicked desire.

What Is Tie And Tease Massage?

Tie and Tease massage in London is a sensually pleasurable experience that incorporates intimate touch and bondage or mild restraints, and requires dominant and passive participation.

By extending the tantalising and teasing stimulation you reach the exquisite pleasure of heightened arousal. Orgasm denial then takes your ecstasy beyond the sexual satisfaction that you have previously experienced.

What To Expect

Your masseuse will tie you up, and sexually stimulate the most sensitive areas of the body to prolong arousal. Hands, nipples and other body parts may be used, along with a selection of adult toys.

As the passive participant all you have to do is lie back and enjoy the experience. Without being allowed to achieve an orgasm, the psychological mild BDSM practice of tie and tease allows you to safely explore controlled pleasure.

How To Boost Your Sex Life

Playful and daring tie and tease massage practice can help to boost your libido and intensify couple’s intimacy.

• Role play

Taking turns to play dominant and passive roles enables you to explore your sexuality, and your partner’s likes and dislikes. It also gives you the freedom to try new things that you want to explore, but may be shy about revealing.

• Orgasm denial

When orgasm is denied your pleasure is exquisitely intensified, and you are able to prolong your erotic play.