Orgasmic Vagina Massage In London

Want to know how to skilfully massage a woman’s vagina to produce a powerful orgasm?

Or perhaps you would like to experience a vagina massage in London with a professional tantric masseuse.

You’re not alone - this skill has been taught and passed on in ancient texts throughout the centuries.

Women’s bodies are secret, hidden spaces and it can be difficult to know where to begin, unless you’ve had the good fortune to come across (quite literally) a confident and patient teacher.


What is Vaginal Massage?

Alongside oral, a vaginal massage is one of the best ways to give a woman pleasure.

When it’s done well a vaginal massage helps a woman feel relaxed and satisfied, and allows her to unleash the sexual goddess hidden inside every woman. The vagina massage is the main part in our female to female sensual massage sessions.


Why Give A Vaginal Massage?

Massaging a woman into a state of orgasmic bliss releases stress, negative emotions, past traumas, psychological tensions, and honours her needs.

In short, it makes her feel good, and pleasure for her means pleasure for you because watching a woman orgasm is a huge turn on.

There’s no topping the satisfaction and self-confidence boost when you make a woman climax.

Learning how to massage a woman’s vagina means finding out where her hot spots are including her clitoris, g-spot, and mastering techniques such as edging.

Don’t know what these terms mean?

Then it’s time to learn.


How to Give a Vaginal Massage

Nothing beats a hands-on vagina massage in London, but you can learn plenty about vaginal massage by reading and practising.

First make sure she’s comfortable in a private, warm room, with low lighting, candles and soft music. It might sound cheesy, but it works.

The right environment and ambience is an essential aspect of making her feel relaxed and able to open up.

You’ll need a good quality oil or lubricant, so your hands and fingers can slide across her skin without tugging or pulling. Use a few drops of this oil to massage her neck and back before you touch anywhere else.

Once you’ve massaged her body take time to massage her thighs, breasts and nipples because these are a direct hotline to clitoris.   

Massage her outer lips before any kind of penetration.

You’ll know she’s ready for deeper touching when she’s breathing deeply, sighing and moving her hips.

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There are several techniques that bring women to orgasm and it’s your job to find out which she likes best.


Gently circle her clitoris with a thumb or forefinger. Vary the pressure, speed and circle size to see what she likes best.

Up and down:

Slide your fingers up and down the sides of her clitoris, gradually speeding up but guided by her breathing and signals.


With one or two fingers tap or press her clitoris. Vary the rhythm to see what she likes best.

G-spot massage:

To find her G-spot gently insert one or two fingers and curve them upwards. Search for a soft and spongy piece of skin a few inches inside.

Tap it gently or make a come-hither motion. Use your thumb to stimulate her clitoris too.


All of these vaginal massage techniques can give a woman a powerful orgasm, but there are two golden rules:

  • Keep skin contact at all times

  • Don’t stop unless she asks you to

Learning how to skilfully massage a woman’s vagina is one of the most stimulating and pleasurable ways to spend your time.  

Not only does it boost your confidence in bed, this ultimate tantric pleasure can improve your relationships.

If you are a woman and want to try a professional tantric vagina massage from a professional therapist then we suggest you try our erotic female to female massage in London. This session is designed specifically to help women achieve a powerful orgasm and help explore their full sexuality.